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P.S. — Thanks to Zach P. for asking for this info and prompting me to make this page. Also thanks to Brooke and Abe for adding fuel to the flame.

Intro Package (3 sessions)

Each session is 90-120 minutes and can be in person, by phone, or by video. The average amount of time between each session is about 4 weeks.

1: Scratching the surface

This session is largely about surfacing your current reality. I'll ask lots of questions and you'll do lots of talking. I'll ask you things about how your day-to-day life and where (and how) you want to be in the future. In the process, I'll share a little bit about what I see and we'll identify a 1-3 areas to work on.

2: Digging in

After having some time (2-8 weeks) to run with those areas we picked out, we'll check in about how things went! Based on that and things I heard in the first session, I'll share more tips, tools, and theory about how to work towards personal change. We'll tweak your list of experiments and then set our sights on session 3.

3: Learning from experiments

In this session, we'll review how the 2nd round of experiments went. Then, having done two loops of experimentation, we'll reflect on how you **actually** change (or don't!). After thinking through that, we'll brainstorm how to incorporate those lessons to support other changes you want to make. I'll also ask you for a little feedback on the whole process.

  • $450

Other Offerings

Tune up / Check in

If you've done the Intro package, we can do a 60 minute tune up/check in at any time (schedules allowing, of course). These are helpful if you want a medium amount of support figuring out how to work through a specific block or barrier in your change processes.

  • $80

Personal Systems Consult

If we've never worked together before, but you're not interested in the Intro package, this could be for you. In a single 2-hour session, I'll assess how your personal systems work and how you think about them. Then I'll share a bunch of relevant theory, tips, and tools. I'll also put together a list of resources for you to dig into.

  • $200

Experimental Offerings

These are offerings that I'm starting to experiment with. Until I get them fine tuned, pricing is negotiable. Help me help other folks (and yourself) by trying these out with me!

Annual Retreat

Each year for the past couple of years, I've gone on an annual retreat to prep for the next year. In 2018 (assuming we make it that far), I'll be taking 2-3 days between January 1st and 8th to travel somewhere close to Boston, get a quiet house (hopefully with a wood stove), and go through my whole reflection process. If you're interested in coming along, let's talk! I'm happy to support you through my process or you can just come along and do your own thing.

  • Who Knows...

Cohort Coaching

Interested in the Intro Package but want to come with a buddy (or 2 or 3)? I'm testing out how to support groups of 2-4 people to go through a series of 3 sessions together. There's less attention on each individual, but having a built-in support structure and other people to learn with/from can be worth the tradeoff.

H/T to DCC at Infinite Growth for this cohort idea.

  • $300-600

A Note about Pricing

I'm really interested in making this work available to everyone. I'm also committed to getting compensated what I think the work is worth. So that said, I'm happy to talk and figure out how to make it work. I love bartering and am especially excited to barter outputs that come up in the process.

For example, one person I worked with wanted to do more pottery. So one of their experiments was to set aside specific blocks time for making pottery. In the end, instead of money, they gave me some of the work they produced. Not only was the output a driver of spending the time on the pottery, it also made them more confident about their pottery!

I love working out arrangements like this. Partial trades are on the table, too. I take payment in cash, via PayPal or Venmo , and am happy to structure whatever payment plan works for you.

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