Truth and Power belong to those who tell a better story. — Stephen Duncombe

As a communications and narrative strategist, I deeply believe that shifting story can make new worlds possible and impossible. My communications work started in video and photography and has evolved to include web design, graphic design, social media, and, most recently, narrative strategy and strategic communications by the Center for Story-Based Strategy. Recent communications clients include: the MIT Community Innovators Lab and Californians for Justice


  • “do you know what i get the most out of our talks? listening. which is funny because i talk a LOT during our chats… but i find that you’re one of the best listeners that i know and then i listen better when i’m talking to other people. it’s great.” — spencer wilson
  • “I just wanted to say thanks, and to let you know I’ve turned into a (now not so) secret admirer.  I clicked through to your blog from facebook, and you are an incredible writer and thinker.  (The two definitely go hand in hand but are equally challenging in their own ways.) If you don’t mind, I’m going to hang around for the inspiration and the motivation.” - Craig Aubuchon
  • “My goal is to establish a regular writing practice this month, that I can maintain over time, so I can be more prolific and rad. Like you. ;)” — Angus Maguire

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Boston, MA United States of America