To facilitate means ‘to make easier.’ — adrienne maree brown

In my definition, facilitation is the work of making it easier for a person or group to move towards a desired goal. My life/productivity coaching is faciltiation at the scale of the individual. Some of my social media work related to public engagement (ex: running communications for GoBoston2030) is facilitation at the largest scale. I am happy anywhere in between and I strongly prefer in-person, multicultural, and justice-oriented gatherings.

I have been trained by the Interaction Institute for Social Change in Facilitative Leadership and the Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work, by Interaction Associates as a Masterful Trainer and as a Manager, by adrienne maree brown in emergent strategy facilitation. Some of my 2018 clients include Grist.org and the Multicultural Teaching Institute. Upcoming work in 2019 includes a workshop for a Boston College freshman energy seminar on having difficult conversations and facilitating at the Center for Story-Based Strategy’s Advanced Practitioner Training.


  • “I SO appreciate you taking the time to offer very insightful feedback for me for the Masterful Trainer workshop.  It’s very clear that you are a deeply skilled observer and facilitator Lawrence!” — Shoshanna Cogan, Master Trainer
  • “You’re an excellent facilitator - patient, inclusive….I will learn from you!” - Renée Vassilos
  • “…I think you did an excellent job managing the situation that came up at the end of the workshop.  It was a very difficult situation but you handled it beautifully. With assertiveness, respect, honesty and kindness.” — Personal Storytelling for Social Change work participant (situation: a white woman using the n-word)

2019 Client List (Partial)


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