last night, a friend i’m working on a project with said to me you’re the “#1 most organized person i know.”

i’m coming to realize that have a keen awareness of how to organize systems. i think i’ve already written about this once this year.

as i walked to the train this morning, i had a revelation that doing organizing work is how i should economically support myself. it comes to me SO naturally. even in the past few weeks, i’ve given away several pieces of advice that have been helpful to friends. of course, i will continue to do that and i think i’ll start planning how to earn income with those same skills.

after some calendar coaching, one of the guys i mentor said “can’t wait to talk– really trying to stick to calendar. it is amazing to track what i actually do every day. thank you, lawrence.”

erin g-h said “#1 most organized person i know”

cyndi asked “how do you keep up with all these tools and always have exactly the right tool for the right purpose?”

jonathan asked for advice in the future on personal budgeting systems.

maybe i should start a consulting firm.