liberation from monogamy in the gays

i’ve noticed a curious thing on hookup apps. and now that i think about it, i’m noticing a thing other people noticed. this question is showing up more and more on people’s profiles: “why so many coupled guys?"¬†

it can be nasty and shameful "don’t come to me looking to fill a void your partner can’t fill because they’re terrible.” it can also be neutral or even tactful: “i appreciate that you have a long leash. i’m looking for someone who is currently unattached.”

my thoughts? monogamy is dying. it never actually worked, but due to power, it persisted for centuries. sexism and religion were/are primary perpetrators of upholding marriage because it allowed for a stable society.

as power shifts, in west and not, the desirability of monogamy is diminishing. queers, as always, are at the forefront of exploring and claiming this understanding. the system as it stood never worked for us anyways, so why not explore what else could be?

is it complicated? of course. is it less complicated than monogamy? unclear. but we’re sure as hell gonna figure that out.

viva la revolución!