compassionate leaders have boundaries

one of the first quotes gibrán shared during evolutionary leadership was this one:

the most compassionate leaders are the ones that have the clearest boundaries – brene brown

i found a talk by her about this i think, but i haven’t watched it yet. i’ll probably watch it today, but even just hearing the words, i can already imagine several reasons why it makes sense.

Brene Brown - Boundaries, Empathy, and Compassion

if a leader is able to have clear boundaries it means that leaders knows how to do at least two things. it means they must first understand their own limits. it means they know how much they

it also means that they must know how to maintain those boundaries. another of my favorite quotes is that once you are successful at something, the world conspires to keep you from doing more of that thing. you start giving talks, getting famous, getting paid lots of money to talk about how you did you thing (which is not actually doing your thing).

also people who are good at things then to have increasing demands from others on their time. “come do that thing you do for me.” people who are good at things tend to be busy. and busy people often cross paths with lots of people. this creates huge numbers of opportunities to do cool stuff.

and yet, to maintain one’s boundaries in an opportunity dense environment… that is tough.

there are for sure other reasons why this statement is true, but even just these two are pretty huge. if a leader is able to do this, not only will it help them in their work; it also allows them to see when other people are (or are not) struggling with these things. and that is similiarly huge.

anyway, enough for today. now that it’s been a couple of days since evolutionary leadership, i’ll probably be writing and reflecting on my experience there for a while. excited to process all those thoughts out loud (well… you get what i mean). baldwin said:

when you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something which you don’t know. – james baldwin

so here goes me processing things i’m learning. it’ll probably be a little messy, but aren’t all good things?

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