two quick thoughts on healing

two friends and i are meeting on saturday evening to discuss a healing circle for people of color in (and maybe not yet in) our communities. as such, i’ve been paying more attention to things that discuss healing in hopes to bring them into our convo this weekend. these two things are the first two that have come up:

i’ve been reading chani nicholas for less than a year, but it’s been a good year. i can’t remember who directed me to her, but whoever it was, thank you!

anyway, in the intro to the horoscopes for july 31, this line stuck out to me:

healing takes connection – both to soothe the injury left by isolation, and to be challenged to grow in ways we wouldn’t on our own

those first three words are what really struck me. healing takes connection. damn. so real and yet so under-understood (at least by me).

reminds me (yet again) of that francisco varela line,

When a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is found by connecting with more of itself. — francisco varela

anywho, the other thing that’s stuck out to me was this section in emergent strategy.

We all have the capacity to heal each other—healer is a possibility in each of us.

In my experience, healing happens when a place of trauma or pain is given full attention, really listened to. Healing is the resilience instinct of our bodies, a skill we unlearn as we are taught to pay for and rely on data and medicine outside of our own awareness to be well. I have been discovering, or surrendering, to my gifts as a healer. There is a way I can open up my presence, voice, and touch to an energy greater than what my body or life has given me. Then truth, comfort, ease, release, and other healing experiences can flow through, wholeness and acceptance of what is can be felt. — adrienne maree brown

we all have the capacity to heal each other. if i’m honest, i don’t know if i fully believe that yet… but i’m working towards it. i know i have experienced other people experiencing me as a healer, but that just… idk, feels different than me claiming the word for myself. somehow, i have this idea of “healers” as if they’re “out there” and “other,” doctors and spiritual healers, all trained to do their work. i guess i know training is just a process by which you learn to do something so maybe i could do that too (especially given the last quote i mentioned in my reading response this week to mindstorms)…

phew. so many wild journeys this year…

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