alternative futures: the countdown clock

as i put my jack in the coatroom i took a peek at sam’s number: 238. damn. i was really hoping to see 0. he and his partner went on a long date last night and he had high hopes for how the evening would end.

today’s board meeting was going to be rough.

i scanned everyone else’s numbers: 5, 12, 3, 1, 0, 0. after a few seconds of my coat being on my hook, my number flashed from 1 to 0. last night was a very good night.

the coffee was brewing so i’d have to wait a few minutes, but the meeting started in 15 so i figured i’d be fine. i walked over to rue’s desk and caught her attention.

“i know,” she said. “38. we’re gonna have to play it real cool today.”

“i just don’t understand. what is the point of being married if you aren’t going to have sex?”

rue rolled her eyes at me. “look, i know that is like the most important thing to your 27-year old body, but i just really think things change as you get older. they have a kids, a house, a mortgage, a church life… grass. i just imagine that your attention shifts to other things once you’ve been together for so long and you hit 35.”

“jesus h. christ, well i hope that shit doesn’t happen to me. i think i’d die if i hadn’t had sex in 238 days. i can barely make it to three without flipping out at someone on the train!”

“haha, well, you’d better keep that cute little girlfriend of yours interested. kyla keeps looking her up and down.”

i scowled, “oh. i’ve noticed. but if she makes the wrong move, i’ll just drop a little tracker in her purse. if she gets too close, i’ll know.”

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