self-mastery: emotional intelligence

earlier this week at a retreat facilitated by the justice collective, i took my first emotional intelligence (aka EQ) test. i knew about eq and the book, emotional intelligence 2.0 is currently on my reading list. but i haven’t read it yet so this was a great opportunity to get into it!

the four areas of eq are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. (sidenote: it annoys me that relationship management isn’t called social management to be consistent, but eeeenyways).

emotional intelligence quadrant chart source: What is Emotional Intelligence? Why Should I Care?

it’s a pretty excellent framework and it reminds me a lot of the johari window. probably just because it’s a quadrant model, but i could imagine some interesting overlap potentials… like, maybe the johari window should be overlayed on each quadrant of the eq grid. at some point, we discussed how it would also be good for people to take the eq in teams. my assessment of myself is probably different than how my teammates would assess me. and neither would be right or wrong; it would all just be more data to take into consideration when thinking about areas of growth.

anyways, my scores:

we took a paper test so that was fun to do the math manually (i haven’t head mathed that hard in a long time actually). but i think maybe this is a thing that i could incorporate into my january annual retreat. i’d like to rotate which areas i’m working on each year to get my scores up. i’m hoping that if i work on my self-awareness this year and get it over 79, then next year i can work on my relationship management and just keep rotating.

anyway, times up for today but i should probably also write a post about my actual reflections on my self-awareness and how it helps and hinders me in different moments. next time… maybe…

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