the 60 to 1 rule

while setting up my selfjournal earlier this week, i came across the 60 to 1 rule in the introductory language. the 60 to 1 rule i used in aviation often and for a few different purposes (see wiki or this aviation blog post if you want to really nerd out). the use called out in the journal was this one:

if you’re trying to travel straight ahead, but you are one direction off target, when you travel 60 nautical miles (nm) you’ll be one nm off from your target at the end.

hm. that didn’t come out as smoothly as i had imagined, but this image makes a lot more sense.

60 to 1 rule

credit: Code7700

this is interesting to me because it’s a more precise way of describing a concept that meg jay pointed me to as it relates to life coaching. the big point is that when you’ve got a long way to travel, small changes in direction early on can have huge impacts later on. people also talk about this in financial planning. saving a little early on, assuming compounding interest, can make a big deal later on. i don’t believe interest should exist, but that’s a topic for another day.

i need to get better at saying this point, but this is definitely going to be a useful metaphor in my support practice. thanks, selfjournal team!

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