three shared rituals in 7 days... what?!?!?!?

so an interesting thing is happening. in the last seven days, 24-31 oct, i’ve been in positions to share ritual space with three different men in my life. this feels like a fundamentally new thing in my life.

oct 24 was the full moon and my lovely friend ben and i did a moon ritual taught to me by my friend, leo. we sat on benches at lake merritt in oakland and it was solid. we were hanging out with a family of racoons, too.

then oct 28, 29, and 30 i had the privilege of going camping in mendocino national park with a deep spirit friend, jacobo. each morning we spent together, we did some sort of ritual. it mostly involved each of us inviting the other into our (normally individual) morning practices. one morning we spent close to two hours sitting in the sun by our campsite moving through our rituals. so lovely. we did ritual twice in the park and once on baker beach way up on a cliff/outcropping or something. that last one was kind of terrifying but also was amazing.


finally, on oct 31, my friend dave invited me into his halloween ritual to honor the dead and reflect on how death and life are intertwined (spoiler: they’re so much more woven together than most of us acknowledge on a daily basis).

what’s happening with all this? i don’t know. but given the frequency here, i’m imagining that something is changing with me… maybe it’s also changing in men around me (and they’re obviously not disconnected), but whatever it is, it’s changing. and i’m here for it. excited, scared, and here for it.

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