black history/futures: dark matter

it's feb! that means it's black history/futures month. my goal is one flash fiction story every day. all stories from the month here.

the work turned out to be quite funny.

when i finally saw it for what it was, i couldn’t believe that this was all i was supposed to do this time round.

let me back up a bit.

hi. i’m yehzu. my great grandfather was william, my grandfather was james, my father was phillip and i’m yehzu. my son will be zaydin, my grandson will be alecks, and my great grandson will be simone.

all seven of us are (or will be) connected by blood. that’s pretty rare these days. after globalization permeated the planet fully, most people stopped having children. we evolved past the biological drive to being blood-relatives of the humans we raised. that freed tons of people up to take care of the kids who either had to share parents (i think they used to call those kids “siblings”) or who didn’t have parents at all.

the seven of us are connected by blood because we are all also connected by darkness.

well, dark matter, i should say. i promise it’s less scary than it sounds.

once the top scientists of our species discovered that the human realm and spirit realm could be traversed by tracing dark matter from one to the other, we learned that there was SO much to do other than create biological families, retire, and die old…

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