black history/futures: finding your work

it's feb! that means it's black history/futures month. my goal is one flash fiction story every day. all stories from the month here.

even though i could finally see all the threads, i couldn’t figure out which to ones to pull on. and, maybe more importantly, i couldn’t see which ones to avoid.

dear one, you’re thinking about this too hard.

what? but i know i don’t have forever in this lifetime. if i try to do everything, i know it’s likely that i’ll do nothing well. and i can’t just waste a lifetime. our species doesn’t have time for that anymore.

we feel your commitment to this work. we really do. but we mean what we say: you are thinking about this too hard.

ok, so what am i supposed to do?

stop thinking.


stop thinking but keep moving. that is all we can say. if we knew the answer for you, not only would we tell you, we would have done the work ourselves. but we don’t know the way and so we cannot tell you. each of us must find our own way to our work. but we believe in your ability to find it. good luck.

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