current thoughts on having my own children: ambivalence

there are lots of babies in my life right now and i’m here for it. but this morning someone asked me if i wanted kids of my own. my answer today (which i am always open to changing):

at the moment, i feel ambivalent. if i were to be in a situation where it was socially and economically feasible to have a kid tomorrow, i would. and if i was never in that position in my life, that would also be fine. i am trying to be at ease and content with whatever is.

and right now, i’m actually feeling really excited by the opportunities i’ve had to just hang out with my friends kids! it’s actually a win-win most of the time. they get a break and i get a kid.

tonight will be my second time taking one of my (chosen family) nephews to have a sleepover and i’m pretty excited about it. why create a new child when i can just help (revolutionarily) raise the ones that already exist?


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