"don't get lost and don't get molested"

on monday i was riding the bus to codman square around 530p. my read is that there were a bunch of middle school aged students coming home from afterschool programs via the bus.

there were two young black girls, i believe no older than 14, sitting next to each other, scrolling and typing on their phones. we get to a stop and one of the girls stands up to get off the bus. they’re talking in a very light-hearted, laughy tone. and then as the back door opens, the girl still seated, while still typing on her phone says to her friend who is stepping out the door:

“don’t get lost! and don’t get molested!”

this, i believe, is what they call “heartbreak.” the heart? mine.

i mean, i know the world of things i hear men say when no people perceived as women are around, but… THIS is the world we have. and this is the world we have to discreate. the work is clear. damn.

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