what happens to spring when you don't really have winter?

today is march 8 and there have been daffodils and crocus blooms for 3-4 days. the spring equinox is on the 19th. part of me feels like this is really early for crocuses to be popping their heads out of the cold ground. another part of me is thinking “well, maybe i just wasn’t paying enough attention in previous years and this is totally normal. all of me knows that this winter hasn’t felt like a full winter.

friends up vermont have mentioned the differences in snow this season (fewer storms, heavier snow, more slush and ice). friends in boston have mentioned the lack of deep cold which typically results in a push inward (inner thoughts, staying at home, etc).

i haven’t felt much of a winter either. i feel like my winter happened nov thru mid-jan. i started a wild whirlwind of travel in mid-jan and things just started to calm down. these past six weeks have had two or three 3-state weeks (ex: last week i was in oakland on sunday, toronto on monday, and boston on wednesday) and it’s been a lot (privileged, for sure, and still a lot).

anyway, i felt compelled to write about this because i really wonder what the impact of having a mild (VERY mild?) winter is on spring. i have already noticed that spring uptick of cool shit happening (invitations to: do interesting work, join teams, lead workshops, etc.). i wonder if not slowing down in winter will have a positive or negative impact on how much i/we do this spring. will there be more invites because spring is longer? will i crash into summer sooner because spring came in like a wrecking ball and simply can’t be sustained for too long? i am already feeling a need to develop some sort of strategic filter for my yesses and my no’s because in the last week like four invites have come in, every single of the them amazing…


maybe nothing will be different and i’m just wildly projecting.

i guess we can’t know from this side of things but i’ll be curious to loop back to this and see what happened…

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