covid-19: not a spike of chaos, but waves...

as my own covid symptoms settle down, something is becoming very clear to me: this pandemic is gonna be a lot less like this…


and a lot more like this.


but actually probably like this

waves gif

i realized this on friday, 27 march, as the second wave of folks i know started to experience an increased intensity of symptoms (fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing, loss of taste/smell/appetite).

i was gonna preface this next sentence by saying it’s weird… but i think it’s actually just the truth and i’m learning to hold multiple truths at once: i am grateful for having been on the early wave of folks to experience symptoms.

why? now i get to share my experience with others. of course, as luana and dcc remind me, knowing that every body will experience this differently. even if others’ experience isn’t my experience, sharing what i went through is better than nothing!

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