fall course correction

last. week. was. chaos.

for me and pretty much everyone i know. i had not one, not two, but THREE double-bookings. i can’t even remember the last time i did that.

i attribute it to three things:

  1. august. summer is by far my favorite season (nature, swimming, sunny days, sweating, the beach, friends, i could go on) and august is the month where i realize fall is coming. therefore i spend as much time as possible outside and away from my computer as possible. that typically leads to…
  2. boundary practices slippage. i often say too much yes in the joy and happiness of sun and sand. and then, often all at once, all lands on me and i have a terrible realization: i’m overcommitted.
  3. the end of the year is coming! everyone else who has been summering stops and all the work that didn’t happen over the summer gets restarted. this is partly about school starting up (in theory) for students again and partly about the weather changing to make it less lovely to be outside. well, unless you’re a fall person. in which case, we’re probably not friends (LOL JKJK >_>). there is also i think the “holy shit the year is almost over and i gotta get all this stuff done before 2021” effect.

so i’m starting to call those days between labor day (that good ole’ american holiday()) and the autumnal equinox my fall course correction. the days where summer is ending and fall is beginning and i need to sit down and take a real, cold hard look at all the things i’m doing and start cutting so that i can be ready for fall harvesting and winter hibernating.

speaking of, this reminds me i need to write up my fall equinox celebration thoughts for this year… tomorrow morning!

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