men's group visioning: what was 2020 like from the view of 2060?

prompt from eroc during our men's group: "imagine it's 2060 and you're talking to a young person in a blood or chosen lineage. what do you tell them about 2020?" brilliant prompt. here's my calculus: in 2060: i am 71 jayden is 50 jayden's kid is 30 jayden's grandchild is 10

2020 was a wild ride. it felt like nothing i’d ever experienced before. it felt faster than i could have imagined and parts of it were slower than i could have imagined.

i found my way into a ton of abundance. thankfully, i didn’t lose that many people. but i did lose a few. and not just to covid.

like other periods of my past where i was proximate to death (my own and others), i let the experience catapault me into life.

i built some structures that are still helping people in my community, across generations, thrive. i finished my first book (what a trashy book it was!) and got inspired to write the next one. i kicked off several really important pieces of work, including some solo work, some collaborations with friends (eroc & luana, and danielle & maureen).

i built the filter that allowed me to get super clear about what work was and wasn’t mine to do (and i stopped feeling guilty about it). i set up some of my connecting structures and stopped trying to do so damn much (and started to find my way into the abundance that comes when i actually do less).

that was the year america gasped its last breaths. the pandemic set us up for a perfect storm: george floyd’s murder hit a powder keg. even ta-nihisi said he was hopeful. and he is NEVER hopeful. more white people than ever before stood up and shouted against oppression. and that wasn’t enough because they (still) forgot that we had been doing it forever. but eventually they learned wall street, silicon valley, hollywood, and washington, dc all became targets… by becoming non-targets. we shifted our culture making work away from them and took all their power away because the pandemic taught us that we had the power the whole time. we realized that speaking truth to power… was talking to ourselves.

oh yea, and the anti-patriarchy work took off. like in most movements, it was happening for a while. but tipping points alawys matter. covid spiked men’s frustration and anger. and enough men woke up to push the pendulum in the right direction. the divine feminine, phew! we weren’t ready… but the divine feminine doesn’t wait for readiness. she comes on her own timing; that’s what freaks so much of us men out!

we started to talk, out loud and often, about the male supremacy of… everything. government, cities, institutions, all of them. and we stopped trying to just put our people into the right places (though we did that, too). we aimed bigger and deeper. and we didn’t miss.