Book projects

This right here is a list of projects related to things I read.

What I'm reading

Inspired by Shane Parrish over at Farnham Street, I'm keeping a running list of books I read and short reviews of each.

Library Viz

This is a back-burner project. I really like books, but I also really dislike owning too many things. One time I saw a postcard or something that had a drawing of what looked like a shelf of books. It was only the spines, but it inspired me. I looked around the internet and found these excellent posters of an entire bookshelf. And it seemed like that could be a really great way to take all my books with me (say were I to have an office someday) and put them on my wall or door without actually bringing all my books. Here are a few examples of inspiration: Example 1, Example 2.

Anywhere, right now I'm just starting with the book covers auto-generated from my book lists on goodreads. Ben Golder heavily supported me in building this during the summer of 2017. Definitely a work in progress.



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