Note: All horoscopes below are from Chani Nicholas. I just paste the two here that are my signs (Aries and Aquarius Rising) so that I can keep track for myself.

Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Aries – September 2018

Aries & Aries Rising

Remaining open to opportunity feels near impossible when life has been relentless with us, but be careful not to shut down the entire system just because you’ve run into a challenge.

You need to know you are on your own side.

Reclaim yourself from the isolation tanks of your ego each and every day. Your ego loves to trick you into thinking that you are in this alone. It loves to trick you into thinking that your problems are too unique to be understood by any another. It loves to trick you into thinking that being defended against life is your only option against being hurt by it.

Stay open to yourself.

September’s full moon articulates the challenging. Peaking in your sign, this full moon makes very clear the obstacles in your path and what it will take to get around them. Professionally, what you are up against is considerable, but it is incredibly important to become familiar with its intricacies. Knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle. Knowing your opponent allows you to choose your strategy with care. Knowing the scenario means that you can have a better understanding of where you are and why.

Like glitter from last week’s party, how you respond to the things that you are faced with now will tend to hover around you for a while. You don’t have to know what to do to solve the entire situation. You just have to show up and be willing to work it out as honestly as you can.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

September’s full moon reveals the ways in which your days feel especially loaded. Important conversations fill the hours. Weighty decisions line the halls of your inboxes. Monumentally important exchanges change the structure of your short and long-term life goals.

What have been the most important messages that you’ve received recently? What confirmations have come through? What have they helped you to commit to? What have they asked you to face? No matter the blessing or the difficulty, what is happening now is defining you in a way that is lasting.

Accepting what is occurring will grant you the agency necessary to make what you can of it. Fighting for the things that mean the most for your overall success is imperative. Only you can name what justice looks like in private and in public for you now. Just make sure that you are arguing the right side of the scenario. Getting caught up in disagreements because your ego is hurt is a good way to miss out on potential for solid and soulful growth. Focus on separating out your disappointments from your duty to the situation and you’ll find ways to meet your responsibilities empowered and in integrity.

Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Pisces – 2018

Aries & Aries Rising

The full moon in Pisces highlights the distance that you have travelled along the healing roads that you have tread. This full moon illuminates what you have been able to reclaim your energy from. It lifts up how you have mastered some of the hardest lessons you have had to learn recently. It makes a point of praising you for taking the time to process what hurts.

The full moon reminds you that it’s OK to feel old feelings. It’s OK to re-live a situation you thought you outgrew. It’s OK to lose sight of how far you have come and how fast.

That’s often part of the healing process.

To lose hope in the face of major triumphs is part of winning at life. To not know how to recognize the most important aspects of your journey, the keys to your success, or the pivotal moments of your trajectory, momentarily, is all part of the process.

It’s second nature to know what worldly validation looks like, but it takes time to recognize and appreciate the achievements made in your inner life.

Over the next two weeks you get to appreciate both.

While the full moon highlights the work you have done within, Mars and Saturn are busy redefining what it means to live out your purpose loud and clear. From August 27th – September 6th, Mars, and then Saturn, station direct. Both in Capricorn and your 10th house of career, these two pull the professional into prominent focus. With their change of direction, you get the chance to put your ambition, drive, and decisiveness back to work.

Over the past couple of months, as these two retraced their steps, you were asked to review your roles, responsibilities, and desired way of taking up space in the world. You may notice that after this trip your work is more streamlined. Sophisticated. Stripped down. You may notice that you are more aware of why you desire to do what you do. What tools you have to work with in order to do so. What energetic inspiration drives you.

Honor these keys to your success.

Keep coming back to them. Keep asking yourself if what you are doing has any energy behind it. If it excites your being. If it clarifies your reasons for advancing along the lines that you are. If it doesn’t lift your spirit in some major way, it’s not going to have the stamina to work in the long run.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The full moon brings with it a boon, a bounty, and a bonus. This could impact your bank account, your roles at work, or your feelings about what it is you are doing. Whatever the tangible result, use it as an affirmation of your healing.

You are what you choose to develop.

Learning how to sit with what is uncomfortable is the only way to build the psychological awareness needed for great growth spurts. As the things that you have been working on behind the scenes get green-lit to go ahead, celebrate and keep your eye on the emotional material that gets stirred in the process.

What does it mean to get to live, even a teeny-tiny part, of your dream? What demons awaken to tell you that you cannot pass the threshold to success? What old doubts wriggle around in the dark corners of your life, barely noticeable but all too destructive in their wear and tear of your soul?

As Mars and then Saturn station direct (August 27th and September 6th), these issues get clarified. We have to know what plagues us in order to understand the remedy to remediate. You have done an incredible amount of work on these issues over the spring and summer of this year. It has been an unpacking of epic proportions, but now it’s time to take what you have been given and put it to work.

We are only able to use what we are able to integrate.

Every great creation is so because it touches all aspects of being human. The same is true of your life. The more you are able to explore all aspects of your being, the clearer you’ll be about who you are and what makes you feel fulfilled. If your life is going to be great it will be because you have lived it fully, widely, deeply, and with little resistance to what it is trying to teach you.

Horoscopes for the Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – July 2018

Aries & Aries Rising

Pulling focus on your social roles, your social sphere, and the ways in which you connect with others, the blood moon reminds you of the importance of shedding certain aspects of your life every once in a while.

Notice the roles that you cling to for validation. Notice the ones that you stay in out of obligation. Notice the ones that you now have to contort yourself to fit into that you didn’t used to. What felt good once won’t always. How you align with others is changing. How you work within your communities is changing. How you work towards your dream, vision and hope for the future is changing.

Change is constant; your resistant to it is optional.

Get friendly with the discomfort that might accompany these shifts. They impact how you make money, who you partner with professionally, and how you work with your creative energy in general.

Mercury’s current retrograde is asking you to review the ways in which you channel your talents. It’s asking you to review the ways in which you communicate your desires. It’s asking you to rethink what you are spending your energy creating. If it doesn’t in turn create a quality of life for you to enjoy, this astrology will amplify the agitation created by such an inequity.

Allow these shifts to move your focus from working with others in ways that aren’t that generative, to working with others in ways that are more attuned to your sensibilities, needs, and talents at this moment.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

With a total lunar eclipse in your sign, it is fair to say that this moment marks an important one for you. What you divest from at this point in your life is just as important as what you invest in. You are not here to apologize for the way you were made. You are not here to withhold any part of your talent. You are not here to deny yourself any expression of love that moves through you.

You are here to move closer to the core of your own humanity and to share the gift of such work with the rest of us. You are here to tell stories of truth and the beauty of being honest. Love and the horror of living without it. Growth and the pains and joys that it produces.

The blood red light of the lunar eclipse articulates what you need to release yourself from. What you have struggled with has taught you much, but at a certain point it becomes unnecessary to keep wrestling the same beasts, at least in the same way. In fact, to hold onto the old struggles inhibits you from being able to step into the ring with more appropriate opponents at this stage in your evolution. Any confidence acquired needs to be cultivated so that you can move in the direction of more compelling problems.

Mine your life for the most interesting predicaments to ponder.

As Mercury stations retrograde, it asks you to review the relationship dynamics that get your wires tangled. This is no time to pretend that things are working between you and another if they aren’t. When you invest in unpacking the problems you face in partnerships, you’ll get to discover the deeper meanings of your unions. We are attracted to others by means of hormones and the healing we know we need deep in our bones. To get the benefit of one and not the other is an opportunity missed that is a betrayal of the body and soul.

Aries & Aries Rising

I purge my life of all things that drag me down. That wear me out. That leave me feeling like life is too heavy to transform.

I clear my closets of any uniforms that feel oppressive. Any suits that no longer suit me. Any capes that cover up my curves in shame.

I am here to proclaim my love for the entirety of my figure.

I clear my libraries of any stories passed down to me that do not hold my name in high regard. Any catalogues of failures that frame them as shameful instead of insightful. Any collections of condemnation that halt me from trying new things.

I welcome the empty spaces that this purge creates. I remember that releasing what is burdensome yet familiar is far from comfortable, but completely necessary if I am to grow. I am willing to deepen my relationship to what I need, knowing that I might have to distance myself from those that want my energy but don’t supply me with much support in return. At this point I’d rather rally around my long-term growth than placate my aches and pains with nutrient-lacking doses of immediate gratification.

With Thursday’s eclipse, I commit to tending to my inner world. Watering its landscape. Nourishing my inner-child. Reminding them that they are perfect as is, no lie. Reminding them that their needs are valid, no exceptions. Reminding any part of myself in need that even if family members are incapable of understanding my situation, I am dedicated to making sure that I get to be as fully expressed as possible.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Thursday’s solar eclipse reminds me of the power of showing up for my most important projects. Whatever I begin now sets the tone for many future endeavors. I spend time in the present nurturing what I most want to work on in the future. I make extra effort developing what still fragile, growing, new, but noteworthy.

this feels like a validation for my facilitation consulting work.

I know that care is an incredibly powerful currency, the kind I spend liberally on what matters most. Care is attractive. Alluring. All consuming. What I care for piques the curiosity of others. What I direct my care towards captivates the imagination of dream-team collaborations. What I care for creates a vortex of energy that others are inexplicably drawn towards.

With Thursday’s new moon I pour all my love into the work projects that I wish to see more of in the world. So that others might see a way forward. So that those like me see themselves in the world. So that no matter what, I leave this place having opened up more options than what was offered to me.

personal commentary: yes, this is totally about my shift towards doing more care work for men in my community *and* about my learning from the future about how to compost patriarchy sci-fi project.

Mars Retrograde and Full Moon Horoscopes – June 2018

Horoscope for Aries & Aries Rising

What needs to be cut out of your life should be done so carefully, consciously and with great consideration.

As Mars stations retrograde, your ruling planet points to the social roles that might be running you ragged or just draining a precious battery you need for other things.

Something in your social life needs to be trimmed, cut back, and considered for the time, energy, and expense it is on your systems. It’s not that anything is necessarily wrong, its just that there are priorities you need to serve and in order to do so you need to recall some aspect of your energy.

Fomo needs to be fought with long-term strategy sessions, vision boards, and remembering that big dreams require many small sacrifices, shifts, and reassessments.

Mars’s movement backwards may spark a desire for greater autonomy or point to the importance of it. What needs to be done by you, and you alone, awaits your attention. This may prove to be a time when you feel a distance, discomfort, or shift occurring in your communal interactions. Disagreements that arise will prove themselves to be important portals for your personal growth and overall development over the next couple of months.

Be patient with the process.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 27th sets the stage for your bigger accomplishments to get noticed. The efforts you have made, the barriers you come up against, and the importance of developing a doubt-resistant patience towards your progress are made apparent. Whether this lunation proves to be encouraging or inhibiting for your projects, the information you receive in regards to your professional life is what’s important to focus on. Listening to the adjustments that the full moon reveals can make your life a little easier and, given the astrology, we want to work with whatever is on our side.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The astrology of the next month is incredibly strong for Water Bearers. It’s potent. Poignant. Powerful. Possibly a little overbearing.

Easy does it.

Like all medicines, this cosmic potion needs to be taken in reasonable doses. This is no time to overdo. Over-exert. Over-stretch. In fact, it’s a time to redirect some aspect of your energy. Notice what happens when some part of your life pulls inwards a little. Notice what happens when you identify and then cut back on unconscious ways you waste your energy. Notice what happens when you take a moment to reflect on your direction.

It’s time to reclaim your energy.

Withdraw from what threatens to burn you out. As Mars settles into its retrograde motion, it tries to school you on all the ways in which your systems are unnecessarily inflamed.

Simplify. Streamline. Say goodbye to excess with full faith that you are making room for something much more fitting for you. You are undergoing an important transformation, one that will span across this next season. You are meant to be a little lighter on the other side of it. This process may ask you to reckon with the trauma, pain, or shame that your body has had to carry. Our bodies keep score and most of us are not winning in the systems we are forced to exist within.

The full moon in Capricorn on June 27th asks you to come to terms with some aspect of your vulnerability. If we have no control over how others treat us, may we at the very least understand how to treat ourselves. May we at the very least learn to make a life in honor of all we have suffered through, lost, and learned about love regardless.

This full moon comments on all of the psychological work that you have been doing behind the scenes since December 2017. This shift of focus inwards is balanced by an equally dramatic expansion outwards. As your career and public roles gain prominence, your inner life beckons you to explore its vast, hidden resources. The two may seem unrelated, but are actually incredible affirming of each other. As you work to uproot and understand the tensions within, you are able to more freely express them in your professional work, creating something truly unique to you and captivating to everyone else.

For an in-depth exploration of your natal Mars and how best to work with this Mars retrograde over the next 9 weeks, please join me for A Journey Through Mars Retrograde. It’s an incredibly rich time to be learning about all things to do with this energy, including understanding the mark that Mars has made and continues to make on your life.

Affirmation Horoscopes for the New Moon in Gemini – June 2018

Horoscope for Aries & Aries Rising

With this new moon I take a moment to understand what my daily rituals, rhythms, and activities encourage from me. Are my days vehicles for connection with what and who I hold dear? Do I have time to listen to the loves of my life, reveling in their beauty and exquisite oddities? Are my days constructed to hold me and my needs close? Do they leave me feeling loved and appreciated and loving and appreciating? Do they honor my curiosity, encourage my inquiries, and challenge my assumptions?

With this new moon, I clear my calendar of unnecessary clutter. I remember that time is a gateway to build a life of meaning through, and I mean to make mine into a dissertation of care. Empathy. A meditation on connection. A declaration of how gorgeous it is to experience the whole spectrum of the human condition.

I cannot out run sadness, pain, or despair. I am not greater than the sorrows that humankind creates, maintains, and must grapple with. I am not impervious to the conditions I was born into, and grew out of. I am not beyond being impacted by the way my heart breaks.

Nor do I want to be.

With this new moon I remember to speak to myself with incredible kindness. Care. Compassion for all the depth my soul seeks. Every mark life makes upon me, every groove, scar, and opening it leaves me with is mine to cherish. What I do with these impressions upon me is my message and it is always, always, always to learn how to love more honestly. With this new moon, I plant that intention within me.

Horoscope for Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

With this new moon, I recommit my energy to the creative projects that keep me feeling connected. To my purpose. To my joy. To a way of working through the hardest hurts that I harbor. I know that finding ways to authentically express myself is a vaccination against isolation. It may not cure every aspect of what ails me, but it is a proactive antidote to many things that do. I know that finding ways to release my energy helps to flush out my energetic system. I know that the transformational impact of purposeful self-expression helps to keep my motors running. I know that when I feel that my work makes an impact on the world, I am given a powerful infusion of what might be described as hope.

I work with this new moon and the astrology that follows it to uncover something about my professional process. What is occurring there for me is deep. Healing. Burrowing down and through some of my most substantial issues around my worthiness. Self-doubt is a disaster but it is also a great teacher when I can hold it with perspective.

If it arises I will remember to question it, asking which part of myself is doing the doubting. Is that part cunning or just conditioned to do so? Can I counter these beliefs with a more well-informed argument or do I need to outsmart my system with the diversion of learning something new about my craft? Whatever the cure, I am curious enough to try every remedy available.

Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 2018

May 29th

7:19 AM PT – Full Moon at 8° of Sagittarius

The full moon in Sagittarius blooms early in the week, bringing with it yearnings to grow, expand, and optimize our opportunities. Sagittarius loves nothing more than a good quest. This sign believes without a shadow of a doubt that the truth is out there and it has more than enough fire in its belly to inspire us all to seek it out for ourselves. Sagittarius knows that any horse can be led to the wells of wisdom, but that doesn’t mean they will recognize them as such. Each one of us must find our own ways to the hearths that warm our hearts and minds.

The full moon in Sagittarius arrives with some subtlety, though not much sobriety. Sextile Mars, it has some get-up-and-go. Square Neptune, this full moon points to both the power of our imagination and the potency of our delusions, projections, and unchecked anxieties. Neptune untethers us from reality, which can be incredibly useful when we need to dream up alternative scenarios to our life circumstances. If we are to dream up a future, a path forward, as Sagittarius would want us to, we are well-served to do so with little restraint and a whole lot of room to grow.

At this point in our history we have enough evidence of what occurs when humans put their heads in the sand, refusing to bear witness to and take action when atrocities take place around us. At this point in our history we know that there is no saving ourselves unless we are as dedicated to each other’s freedom as we are to our own.

If Neptune teaches us anything it is that there is no separation between us. When we know of an evil and do nothing to intercede its ways, we allow harm to happen in all directions. Harm that takes lifetimes to heal.

Even one child separated from their parent creates a grief to big for the world to hold. Even one migration interrupted is too big an opportunity cut short. We each hold such an incredibly important gift to offer the world. Even one of these pearls of potency that doesn’t get to live itself out is a tragedy, and a theft, from all of life.

May this full moon instill within us a faith in each other so great that we remember the power of our combined rally cries and use them. May the light of this lunation be shed upon the care that we have for one another and our dedication to cultivating more of it. May the power of our love always outshine the insidious grasp for power and the pain it inevitably produces.

Full moon blessings,


Horoscope for Aries & Aries Rising

To lose faith is part of the process. To forget that life has a way of turning itself around is human. To remember to love ourselves through our struggles is divine.

The full moon that comes with May’s closing reminds you of the spiritual power of appreciating your path. Of the fact that it is the only adventure going. That it is an education. A blessing to bear witness to. A gift that never fully reveals its ways all at once.

The full moon at the end of May reflects back to you all that you have done to help yourself grow. Learn. Live the life that you have been given. All the sites, temples, sanctuaries, and halls of healing that you have carried yourself to, accumulate in importance. The readings, the sessions, and the ways in which you have situated yourself so that you are aligned with what is spiritual sustaining, have been the key to your growth.

Give yourself some appreciation for all the efforts you have made towards your own unfolding.

The beginning of June reveals something wonderful taking root in your life. A feeling of home. Grounding is everything when we are working at building something substantial with our lives. The grand trine between Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune lines up to help you feel settled in yourself. Like an anchor that drops, you are given access to feeling more secure about your situation. Let this understanding permeate your being. Let yourself believe in your own ability to make a meaningful life. Let your roots sink into the soil of your life with great confidence that you are exactly where you need to be.

This astrology reminds you that all you need is within you while, at the same, asking you to become more aware of what gets in the way of that knowing. What old stories of not being enough and being far too much occupy the territory of your soul that should be solely your own? Feel free to evict any unworthy tenants in your psyche so that you might come to inhabit a little more of yourself in the long run.

Horoscope for Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The full moon at the end of May will shed light on the importance of community in your life. The issues that friends are facing, the strength of the bonds between you, and the quality of the connections that keep you afloat are revealed under the moon’s night light.

At the same time, your work-life goes through a healing intensive. Opportunities flow towards you at the rate at which you are able to offer yourself to them. Over the past 7 months your career has gone through the thrilling and sometimes exhausting process of expansion. It has required that you have more faith in the big picture of your life and less attachment to the comings and goings of your daily wins and losses. This broader perspective has asked you to hold your story with a greater compassion. A greater appreciation for all the efforts you make that go unnoticed, but are essential to the quality of your work. A greater honoring of the gifts that you possess and the power that they have to lift your entire life.

The first days of June are a true mix of effort and reward as the good in your professional life also pulls up the fear of not being enough in equal measure. This is how good growth takes root, however. When we open up to the gift of expansion we also agree to the work of deepening our relationship to all that gets in the way of it.

Horoscopes for Uranus in Taurus (May 2018 – April 2026)

Aries & Aries Rising

Uranus has spent the last 7 years in Aries. A 7-year itch of epic proportions, Uranus reinvented much about the ways in which you lived your life. Whether you have Aries sun, rising, or both, Uranus has been challenging the way that you view yourself. Changing the way that you understand your personal impact. Encouraging you to develop a more nuanced understanding of what to do with your energy.

Uranus has been working on you to become more authentic no matter the price. The result being that you are more likely less dependent on conventional securities than you were 7 years ago.

Your worth is not dependent on having achieved traditionally age-appropriate milestones. You have had a different destiny to carve out for yourself. You have had to traverse the unknown. Channel the unconventional. Cease to judge yourself on what didn’t get built and instead value what did get discovered.

Now it’s time to understand your assets in the same way. With Uranus entering Taurus and your 2nd house of money, assets, and energetic reserves, you are being introduced to a whole new aspect of your work. The astrology is asking you to reorient your thinking about what is possible in your financial life. It’s asking you to open up to new ways of working. New jobs. New investments. New possibilities for putting the talents you were born with to work.

Consider how you might be limiting your ability to cultivate finances by holding on too tightly to old ways of supporting yourself. What ideas about your financial or work life are outdated? Which are tied too tightly to older versions of yourself, your worth, or your talents? What resources do you need to free up? What talent needs to be reconfigured to work more effectively in the modern world?

Uranus will spend 6 months (May 15th – November 6th of 2018) in this area of your chart. It will then retrograde back into Aries for 5 months (November 6th 2018 – March 6th 2019), finishing up your personal revolution before it heads back into Taurus until 2026. For the next 10 months you will be asked to bridge the gap between your personal awakenings and your professional ones. This astrology is calling for a change in how you make your living and, as you do, it is reminding you that unless it feels like freedom, it isn’t really revolutionary.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Over the last 7 years, Uranus disrupted your days. Introduced you to the rituals that would eventually awaken a deeper connection to yourself. Moved your schedule around until it morphed into its current incarnation. Created a desire in you to get loud about issues that meant the most to you.

No longer is your silence a seeming protection against life’s harshness. You’ve voiced your truth and it can never go back into the cavern it came from. Out in the wide open spaces, the truth changes you.

Not to mention everyone else.

As Uranus begins to transit Taurus and your 4th house, it asks you to bring that kind of honesty home. Here, Uranus gets rowdy at the root. Turning over your foundations, reinventing your relationship to parents, family, and ancestry. Over the next 7 years, Uranus is bound to bring to consciousness the most entrenched of your family’s patterns. These inherited ways of being start to become unbearable for you, unmanageable, and obviously unnecessary to carry forward into the future.

You were undoubtedly brought to this point in your life to break up the patterns of your past. To make them more conscious. To separate them out and inspect them as you would any system you are a part of. At this moment you are the one in your family that is able to do this work. You are the one in your household that is unearthing the unconscious patterns that inhibit more honest ways of cohabiting. You are the one welcoming in a new way of relating.

Whatever issues Uranus helps you to become more aware of are ones that have had too much of a hold over you or your ancestry.

Too much needs to be expressed through you for you to be tied to anything that inhibits your authenticity, agency, or ability to discover your talents as they wish to be known. These kinds of excavations are intense. They cannot be completed all at once. They need to be recognized as the incremental, yet monumental, movements towards the experience and expression of your uniqueness.

Uranus will spend the next 6 months (May 15th – November 6th of 2018) introducing itself to your 4th house of home, family, and foundations. By late fall it will retrograde back into Aries, and your 3rd house of communication and daily ritual, where it will be until late winter 2019 (November 6th 2018 -March 6th 2019). By March it then heads back into Taurus and your 4th house where it will be until 2026.

For the next 10 months you are asked to cultivate your ability to communicate with thoughtful, compassionate, radical honesty in regards to the issues that lay within the foundations of your life. Those that have known you the longest may begin to find you unrecognizable but, as you become more authentically yourself, they’ll come to feel liberated to do the same for themselves.

New Moon in Aries: Affirmation Horoscopes for April 15th – April 28th


I honor this new moon by trusting that what has broken was for the best. What has shattered leaves openings for my awakening. What has felt turbulent has helped me better understand how I can ground.

I honor this new moon by trusting more and controlling less. I trust my ability to experiment with possibilities. I trust that the more I stay with a problem the more readily the solution appears.

I hold myself down without holding myself back.

I trust that my life is perfect in this moment, exactly as it is. From this place, all things are possible. From this place I can create exactly what I need. From this place, and only this place, the greatest meaning can be derived. I know that wanting to be anywhere else disempowers me. I know that wanting to be anyone else disrespects me. I know that wanting something other than the lessons I am learning is a waste of my precious energy.

I protect my grand plan by radically accepting my current situation. There is wisdom here that I refuse to refuse. There is beauty here that I need to know. There is a gift buried inside my situation and I am grateful for it.

I know that there is no greater honor than being my full self. I fully accept my flaws and use them to propel me towards fulfillment. I know that in my most challenging personality traits lie the great energetic reserves. I honor the strength that it takes to unpack these lessons and I am grateful for every ounce of it that I possess.

I bring these insights into my professional life. I own my ambition and connect it to meaningful pursuits. I am driven to bring my dreams to fruition. I give myself permission to move towards my career goals with confidence, clarity, and a knowing that my day job is no different than my self-development. They count on, and contain, powerful information for each other. I know that if there is a change that I need in my career, the most powerful thing I can do is look within to see how I might support making the same change within me.

Aquarius Rising

Not one moment of awareness is wasted on me. It may require that I come to terms with something excruciating. It may mean that I have to unpack a sorrow I long ago stuffed in the back of my mind. It may mean that I have awakened to the ending of an era.

I’d rather be honest about the truth of my life than waste my precious energy running from it.

Sunday’s new moon helps me to remember the power of living in accordance with my integrity. Perhaps the most challenging goal to strive towards, it is the achievement I put my energy towards. The goal I can accomplish everyday. The trophy that I can always place may awareness on when in doubt, fear, or confusion. The destination that can transform any situation.

I relax knowing that all I need to do is show up in this moment as myself. For myself. In service of what needs me. This is the place I plan my days from. This is the place I run my life from. This is the place that I return to.

I am enough. I am everything that this moment needs. I am discovering who I am one situation at a time. I am not a mystery solved, I am a mystery revealing itself. Anytime I find myself struggling to get it right, figure it out, or fix myself to fit in, I remember that isn’t the point. The sharp edge of life’s sword is always asking me to cut through the self-doubt that inhibits me from doing what I can, when I can, as often as I can.



Boston, MA United States of America