New Moon in Aries: Affirmation Horoscopes for April 15th – April 28th


I honor this new moon by trusting that what has broken was for the best. What has shattered leaves openings for my awakening. What has felt turbulent has helped me better understand how I can ground.

I honor this new moon by trusting more and controlling less. I trust my ability to experiment with possibilities. I trust that the more I stay with a problem the more readily the solution appears.

I hold myself down without holding myself back.

I trust that my life is perfect in this moment, exactly as it is. From this place, all things are possible. From this place I can create exactly what I need. From this place, and only this place, the greatest meaning can be derived. I know that wanting to be anywhere else disempowers me. I know that wanting to be anyone else disrespects me. I know that wanting something other than the lessons I am learning is a waste of my precious energy.

I protect my grand plan by radically accepting my current situation. There is wisdom here that I refuse to refuse. There is beauty here that I need to know. There is a gift buried inside my situation and I am grateful for it.

I know that there is no greater honor than being my full self. I fully accept my flaws and use them to propel me towards fulfillment. I know that in my most challenging personality traits lie the great energetic reserves. I honor the strength that it takes to unpack these lessons and I am grateful for every ounce of it that I possess.

I bring these insights into my professional life. I own my ambition and connect it to meaningful pursuits. I am driven to bring my dreams to fruition. I give myself permission to move towards my career goals with confidence, clarity, and a knowing that my day job is no different than my self-development. They count on, and contain, powerful information for each other. I know that if there is a change that I need in my career, the most powerful thing I can do is look within to see how I might support making the same change within me.

Aquarius Rising

Not one moment of awareness is wasted on me. It may require that I come to terms with something excruciating. It may mean that I have to unpack a sorrow I long ago stuffed in the back of my mind. It may mean that I have awakened to the ending of an era.

I’d rather be honest about the truth of my life than waste my precious energy running from it.

Sunday’s new moon helps me to remember the power of living in accordance with my integrity. Perhaps the most challenging goal to strive towards, it is the achievement I put my energy towards. The goal I can accomplish everyday. The trophy that I can always place may awareness on when in doubt, fear, or confusion. The destination that can transform any situation.

I relax knowing that all I need to do is show up in this moment as myself. For myself. In service of what needs me. This is the place I plan my days from. This is the place I run my life from. This is the place that I return to.

I am enough. I am everything that this moment needs. I am discovering who I am one situation at a time. I am not a mystery solved, I am a mystery revealing itself. Anytime I find myself struggling to get it right, figure it out, or fix myself to fit in, I remember that isn’t the point. The sharp edge of life’s sword is always asking me to cut through the self-doubt that inhibits me from doing what I can, when I can, as often as I can.



Boston, MA United States of America