now what lawrence is up to


Right now I’m…

  • feeling both excited and terrified at things ranging the scale from my individual life to my community to the planet.
    • it feels like we’re both simultaneously on the edge of some major breakthroughs (the centering of healing justice work in organizing, black panther the movie, new coalitions and alliances forming) as well as on the precipe of major backsliding (fascism continues to rise around the planet in reaction to economic instability and population migration, climate change is being felt more and more by people who weren’t expecting it, the us govt feels like it’s a joke).
  • working at colab as the program director of community media & executive editor for colab radio

  • running a communications consulting firm to help pay down my loans
  • starting to work with the center for story-based strategy (and also joining their network of trainers)
  • trying to make sure that i end 2018 with a clear list of mentors, mentees, woes, and schemers
  • still running my weekly newsletter
  • still holding a monthly ga(y)me day on the last saturday of each month


habits i’ve built or am in the process of building

  • daily:
    • meditate for 20 mins
    • blogging,
    • writing a poem (haiku or freeform)
    • imagining the world i want for 1 minute (inspired by donna harati),
    • pushups or situps to exhaustion
    • drink 48 oz of water
  • weekly:
    • meditate for 60 minutes



slow reads/on hold

listening to: