now what lawrence is up to


Right now I’m…

making sure everyone reads this general note (through sept 2019)

i am going through a period of intensive spiritual formation from oct 2018 - sept 2019. in order to say yes to my spiritual development, i am saying no almost everything that i am not currently committed to. you can see this list of existing commitments below:

  • close friends and niblings
  • paid work: center for story-based strategy, lqb2 & co consulting work
  • communities of practice: evolutionary leadership, consultant coffee, the upstarts, boston movement space(s)
  • boards: RESIST, FII
  • making with my hands: calligraphy, knitting
  • making with sound: life radio, post-patriarchal, intersectional enneagram
  • making with my mind: unleashing alternative futures, pre-/post-patriarchal time travel
  • all things healing, especially for queer folx and men

here’s a more temporal update, though:

  • currently in new hampshire on a magical free ski weekend doing lots of writing and reading and catching up on stuff
  • preparing for a week of travel to oregon for the first week of april
  • preparing to do the next push on my book draft during the week of april 8-12
  • planning for my 30th birthday (16 april 2019)!
  • hosting: big talk x esg, monthly ga(y)me day on the last saturday of each month, monthly queer jp movie night, monthly queer full moon circles

reading updates

  • the fifth season
  • spill: scenes from black feminist fugitivity
  • atomic habits