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personal updates during the week of action during the pandemic of covid

9 june

4 june


media that is shifting the narrative

2 june


things i wrote this morning:

Jun 2, 2020 use your gifts for the movement
Jun 2, 2020 some thoughts for my friends during the week of an uprising
Jun 2, 2020 sell the brownie, not the ingredients

1 june



watch this: movement 4 black lives: in defense of black lives call

read this: #GeorgeFloyd Black MN Love Letter

and this: letter from a birminghamjail

11a ET

  • i drowning in check-in texts from friends. if we are close enough to be texting and you are not black, know that i love you and instead of asking me how i am, please ask me what i need. i am getting upwards of 20 “how are you” texts a day and i cannot answer them all. if you are black, please ask me how i am.