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Right now I’m…

making sure everyone reads this general note (through sept 2019)

i am going through a period of intensive spiritual formation from oct 2018 - sept 2019. in order to say yes to myself and my own growth, i am saying no almost everything that i am not currently committed to. those existing commitments are:

here’s the more temporal update, though. right now i’m:

  • working 1/2 time at css, working 1/2 time for myself via lqb2 & co
  • still deep in my spiritual leadership development work (via the formation project)
  • still exploring and unpacking (because of the above bullet): grief, anger, restorative vs transformative justice, wealth/financial trauma, generosity
  • learning that a 30yo doesn’t heal like a 20yo body. #yikes!
  • hosting: monthly board ga(y)me day on the last saturday of each month (next one: july 20), monthly queer jp movie night (next one: june 5, 6p), monthly queer full moon circles for men/male-bodied folx


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