Work With Me

“Virtual” Assistant Job Description

Location: Mostly over the internet and by phone but I’m prioritizing folks living in Boston, MA. It’d be nice to meet in person (or always?) and to be able to do our feedback meeting(s) face-to-face.

Description: I’m looking for someone to do some admin and support work with me and my growing consulting, lqb2 & co. My friend and co-healer and person I’m currently paying to do some work is traveling for the next few months and I’m looking for someone to fill in that gap and also test out some new structures/ideas with me. It’s possible to extend beyond the three months, but we’ll see.

I’m imagining 4-6 hours/week at $15-20.

I’m imagining supporting you on a project you are moving forward or want to get started.

Qualities of an ideal applicant:

  • Familiarity with digital communications technologies (SMS texting, Zoom, email)
  • Experience with word-processing software and spreadsheets (e.g. Google Docs mostly)
  • Knowledge of online calendars and scheduling practices (e.g. Google Calendar)
  • Excellent phone, email and instant messaging communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Solid organizational skills
  • High school diploma; additional qualifications as an Administrator or Executive Assistant are a plus jklol who even still has degree requirements these days?
  • Willingness to use time tracking software (I prefer Toggl, but am open to suggestions)


  • Manage calendars
  • Book travel and accommodations
  • Respond to and initiate emails and phone calls
  • Build and manage a contact list
  • Do lightweight research (example “report”)
  • Type up and process book notes and highlights (see existing book notes)
  • Manage invoices and payments
  • Format weekly(ish) newsletter


  • $15-20/hr for 4-6 hours a week.
  • If my income grows and/or our work together feels really good for both of us, I’m interested in switching to a retainer-style package (I pay for access to your support and whether or not I use up 4-6/hours a week is my responsibility; you get paid either way.)
  • Sidenote: It’s possible that other people in my consultant network would be interested in hiring you if your and my work together gets off to a good start.


(Sorry about the goofy numbering…)

  1. Apply
    1. Email (Subject Line: Applying for the VA position) and attach a resume, CV, or list of links to projects or work you’ve done in the last 5 years or so.
      1. The list of links option is my preferred, just FYI. I hate sending resumes and CVs when I’m applying for jobs and I know they’re typically inflated so only send yours if you’re really proud of it and it feels accurate/realistic.
    2. Record a voice memo on your phone up to three minutes long and send it to me via WhatsApp letting me know (a) some identities you hold that are important to you, (b) some of your values and (c) what makes you think you’ll be good at this type of work. If you don’t already have my number for WhatsApp, please ask for it when you email
      1. Note: In my mind, applying for this should take less than an hour. Don’t stress about it!
  2. 20 minute phone/video interview (probably up to 3 candidates)
  3. Accept job (1 candidate, others notified of being on the shortlist)
  4. 15 - 30 day pilot run together (Is this working for me? Is it working for you?). Hopefully the 30 day pilot will end by 30 Jan 2019
  5. 2-way evaluation and feedback session
  6. Decision point: do we each think this went well enough to move forward together?
    1. If yes, move forward through March.
    2. If not, wish each other well in our work.
      1. I get in touch with shortlisted folx.


Have ‘em? Email me. Include in the subject line: “Question about VA: “

Note: there may be mistakes in this application. Hope that’s ok! (^_^’) LOL. But if something seems way off or you don’t understand, please lmk.



Boston, MA United States of America