tools are a means to an end

“how do you keep up with these tools/apps and use exactly the right one for each purpose?” today someone said this to me for the fourth time since 2016 started.

in some ways, this verifies my early adopter status. i’ve always known i fit the profile of an early adopter. this year i’d like to explore how to use that for good. it’s a valuable character trait… i think.

but deeper than that, i have a strong desire to be as effective as possible in as many ways as possible. this drive goes back as far as i can remember. one of my earliest memories from elementary school is getting in trouble for walking on the grass. but the sidewalks in my school were only perpendicular and sometimes the shortest path was on a diagonal… (i.e. across the grass).

these tools and apps are all just a means to an end: how can i make the most of the time i have left here on this planet? some people call this self-mastery. i don’t know if that resonates with me, but that’s what i’ll call that ‘drive’ for now.