designing systems with feedback

i think what i do well is design systems with feedback. i feel pretty good at creating an initial solution to a problem that includes room for feedback so it can improve over time. 

now all that said, this process isn’t new by any means. defining just enough structure so an idea can get off the ground and then improve over time is the core of design-thinking, lean product development and probably more. all which i’ve been significantly influenced by.

so what i bring (i think) is personal level implementation. i’ve created a system for managing my own calendar that has evolved over the past year into a comprehensive time management protocol. it is by no means perfect but it keeps me feeling sane, making progress, and has clear indicators built in to trigger re-evaluation when necessary.

i’m sharing the lessons i’ve learned with one of the guys i mentor and he’s said it’s been illuminating. in 2016, i’m learning a lot about where my tools and systems come from and how they might apply or not to someone else. more learning to come soon.