adult learning and personal schedule design

one of the guys i mentor has been trying out some bits of my systems (which i talk about here [link to forthcoming post about pieces of my methodology]). sometimes, it seems like some things stick and other times, he’s feeling like it’s not working.

he’s got the writing on the wall (literally) but sometimes the stuff just doesn’t stick. 

on one hand, i’ve done lots of reading and i’ve integrated that into my life in a way that works for me. it will (probably) be different for him and everyone else, too. 

on the other hand, i think the learning that i’ve done about how to apply this thinking is non-trivial. and i want to underscore the word learn, because it is just that: learning. and, this, unlike many things people our age have learned up until now, requires a different type of learning. 

i’ve heard this referred to as ‘adult learning’ and, though i haven’t done much exploration of it, it seems pretty critical to thinking about how i (and other people) will learn this personal scheduling stuff.


found a quick primer here. seems legit.