style and pace of life: boston vs gainesville

over the past few months I’ve had at least three friends talk to me about being unhappy in boston. these are high-functioning, awesome individuals so i don’t think their unhappiness has anything to do with anything they’re doing wrong.

i think i’m coming to recognize that that the style and pace of life in boston (maybe as it is in all cities) simply doesn’t align with how some people thrive.

when i think back to my gainesville days, i remember the pace of life as back, spontaneous, and communities were tightly-knit. it didn’t take much effort at all to get 4-8 people together on any given weekend.

boston life, on the other hand, is fast-paced, high energy, and it takes a concerted effort to form community. whether it’s going to some event or speaker series or talk… there’s always something going on and people are always busy. hanging out with people 1on1 takes 1-2 weeks notice.  even seeing close friends can be tricky because there are so many different places to expend ones energy.

i’m beginning to wonder if some of my friends aren’t thriving in boston because they just need a different pace. there’s also something about how the pace impacts the gravity of community… i think that’s another post, though.