timelines of change: living everyday like it’s the last one... actually

my two defining factors completely structure my life (which, at the ground level, means my time). i know, from experience, how quickly death can come. i also know, that love (the action(s)) is the single most important thing in life.

because i know those two things, i really try to live like every day could be my last. i used to hear people spout that pithy line and roll my eyes… hard. but now, i feel like i actually live it. and it’s a lot less cheesy than i thought.

in my day to day, living like today could be my last day simply means that i always (always) need to have immediate-, medium-, and long-term ways that i’m creating or influencing change to make the world a more loving place. driving for change on several timelines at once means that if i died tomorrow, i would feel confident in saying that i was making a difference. since i see almost everything through a systems lens, the outcome of all this is just a structure that helps me make decisions.

but i think i have to save that for another post.

update (23 june 2016): finally wrote that other post