why i go on walks

when a new connection or old friend wants to meet up, getting coffee or grabbing a drink is a common request. i know that speaks a lot to my socioeconomic class, but it is what it is.

about a year ago, however, i started counter-offering with walks instead. in 2015, i had two friends with whom i would go on walks regularly… and it was awesome. one friend and i work in the same neighborhood so we would walk home from work. the other i would meet up with (sometimes with dinner on the front-end) and we’d walk and talk for 2-3 hours. also awesome.

i have a couple of inspirations for these walking sessions.

  1. judy layzer. my late academic advisor was known for having walking meetings with her friends and close students. at her memorial service, it was a real bonding experience to share stories of walking with her.
  2. they’re cheap. walking is free. i can bring homemade snacks if i want. coffee and alcohol are expensive. i believe in supporting local watering holes, but sometimes i just don’t have the money.
  3. i don’t drink coffee past the morning hours because it screws up my sleep. often people want to “get coffee” after work… which doesn’t really work for me. walking can happen any time of day (mostly).
  4. they’re transportation. when i need to get from one part of town to another, walking is a great way to do it. especially when i can find someone who is going the same direction, a walk can be there perfect amount of time to catch up while also being pragmatic.
  5. they help me know my city. there are few ways to get to know your neighborhood and city better than by walking through them.

plus, boston is the original walking city, right?