why i schedule six weeks in advance (part 2): becoming allergic to frenzy

last year or the year before, at our end of the year staff party, my colleague, curtis, shared that he was going to start avoiding frenzy. he had been running himself pretty ragged and was tired of being tired. he was tired of himself (and others) using ‘busy as a status symbol.’ his words resonated with me because i often felt the same way. 

and with my intention set so clearly on matching my time with my values [see part 1], i had a clear place to strategize. so i started to look in my life for what made me feel frenzied and started to build ways to make myself allergic to it.

i started watching my energy levels over the course of a few weeks. one key thing i found was that hanging out with multiple people a day really drained my energy. why?

so i decided to strive to meet up with only one person per day. on my calendar, this is implemented via a weekly cap.yes, i have a numerical maximum on the number of friends i will see in a single week. of course, there are exceptions and the number can change (a little) based on what else is going on that week, but i try to keep to it pretty firmly.

having followed this strategy for about a year now, i’ve found the following:

anyways, that’s all i got. being allergic to the frenzy feels like a really good thing. at least for me for now.

ps - in all of this, having a more fully developed practice of saying no has been amazingly helpful. definitely necessary.