project write up: coffeeshops for the people


my good friend, erin garnaas-holmes, and me. 


coffeeshops for the people was a resource that would help us figure out which coffeeshop was best to go to work in on any given day based on the needs of that day.


we worked on this project from 2014-2015.


in the coffeeshops of boston.


​for better or worse, we are the coffeeshop generation. during grad school we worked in coffeeshops all the time. however, how productive we were was dependent on the amenities of the shop:

on a regular basis, erin or i would genuinely (and eventually jokingly) say to each other, “i really wish i had a map that told me which coffeeshop nearby had good wifi so i could go work there for a few hours.” the coffeeshop wifi map was intended to answer that question.


there are two parts of the how.

first, the data. erin and i initially collected the data manually and put it into a spreadsheet. eventually, we built a google form. he, his girlfriend rebecca, and i all have used the form to collect data. 

second, the map. i was really excited about learning mapbox and github so i built a couple of prototype maps

what’s left to do?

other assets