oh SNaP: skills, needs, and passions

at the end of my short series on jobs, automation, and the future of work, i started to map out what every individual in a society like that would need to know. my jungle partner, ross, and i think about this set of info along three axes: skills, passions, and needs. this, on its own, doesn’t solve all of our problems. but without it, we definitely can’t move forward.

in previous phases of the economy, production was coordinated between the needs of firms and the skills of workers. if a firm had a need (floor manager, engineer, toothpick shaver) they would seek someone who could fill that need.

as our economy evolves, i think two things will change:

  1. coordination will have to include the passions dimension of individuals (because it’s better that way), and
  2. our economy will actually get more productive, but less consumptive (less output, not necessarily less throughput… but hopefully also less throughput). 

ok so what does a snap assessment look like? here goes the first draft…




some other details:

ok so it needs work. but there’s no better place to start than at the beginning, right?

ps - i realized in the middle of writing this post that snap (skills needs and passions) is a better acronym. i went back and rewrote it after my 10 mins of writing was up.