side effects of doing one thing per night

i’ve realized that doing one thing per night has lots of pretty great side effects. well, they’re not all side effects exactly, but whatever. you’ll get the point.

building my no muscle

in order to only do one thing per night, i have to say no to a lot of invitations. i have lots of strong feelings about why saying no is so important and they’re all at play here. sometimes the no’s are to specific events at specific times; other times they no’s are just to keep things off my plate. either way, limiting my schedule really requires that i say no often and practice makes perfect, right?

my spending has gone way down*

doing fewer things means spending less money. i’ve found that now i actually don’t feel bad at all about dropping money on hanging out with people. i know i’m not ever going to overspend because i know i have a limited number of engagements at which to spend money.

and doing cheap things when you do things also helps to reduce spending even more. i love going on walks for many reasons (which you can check out here) or just bringing my own snacks/drinks.

so, doing one thing per night has been a really great practice. and the more i do it, the more beneficial it becomes.

so dope.

* my friend caroline used to run these workshops on enough and i think i want to write about them soon because the findings from them are super relevant here.