standing on the shoulders of the digital nomad innovators

sometime last week my friend, jason, sent me this article: Ditching the office to work in paradise as a “digital nomad” has a hidden dark side.

it seems like the overall thrust of the article is this: the digital nomad lifestyle is actually not that great.

ross, my jungle partner, and i think about digital nomad lifestyle (it fits into what ross calls the #5to9) a lot. we’re both actually really excited to try it out/we’re already doing it. 

i think maybe the above article is an example of first wave digital nomadism and what we’re doing/thinking about is part of the second wave. i think the following factors/thoughts are some of the distinctions:

so basically, the first wave of digital nomads did a lot of testing. maybe we’re a part of round two.

ps - there’s a particular phrase that floats around the queer world that seems apt here. “partnered/married but with a long chain…” do with that what you will. ;)