the things i write about: take one

in the past two days, two good friends (thx cameron and spencer) have told me i should write a book. this post is the first pass at what i think it could be about. take two has already been framed up by spencer; it’s about the implications of not wanting our parents’ systems. will probably write that tomorrow.

ok. take one:

i write and think about productivity, love, justice, and revolution. these are surprisingly consistent. they relate in surprisingly intimate ways. 

being productive results in knowing exactly how much you can produce given a certain input. it also generates the knowledge of what is your maximum comfortable/reasonable output.

this relates to love because when our work is right-sized, we have loving relationships between our colleages and collaborators and we leave space to love people outside of our work. lovers, parents, friends, children, community.

the love for community is where justice comes from. when you have time to love those around you, you begin to realize how you can do things to make life better for others. this generates specific action. that action is justice.

and this justice, love in action for your community, creates revolution. first internal, then interpersonal, then systemic.

productivity, love, justice, and revolution.