the things i write about: take three

this is the third pass at summarizing what my writing is about. this frame came from cameron, the other person who said i should write a book.

my writing is really to answer the question: what do we do in late stage capitalism before we don’t have any choices left?

early- and mid-stage capitalism got us here with much destruction and gnashing of teeth, but also much productivity and many gains. we have massive, global infrastructure for many differnet systems: transporation, energy, communication, et cetera.

now that we’re here, the things needed to get to us here are less necessary and relevant. the don’t need to produce massive amounts of goods, because we can have raw material shipped to a local craftsperson and customized how we want. our identities, which are currently tied up in wealth and success (which is often measured in wealth) no longer need to be measured by those metrics.

many of us looking forwards or already on the edges of systems know that those metrics are outdated. so the question is how do we get to systems that reflect that?

this is what my writing is about: the pieces and parts that will aid the transition.

we need identities based on the creation of real value for other people and the planet. creating real value, sustainably (in all the ways), will mean that people are doing the work that is theirs to do. following your passion and using it to get your needs met isn’t privilege or nicety; it’s revolution and necessary. finding and living your passions will net you more well-being (the new success) than all the economic wealth in the world.