when walls go up
it is hard to bring them down. 
even when you want to. 


the media is already normalizing the hate speech.
the wall: reasonable.
banning muslims: reasonable.
extreme vetting: reasonable.
defunding sanctuaries: reasonable.

my hometown crew is team trump.
so i hear.

impressive, really.
love your neighbor.
build a wall between you and them.
lose no sleep. 

not my home. 

where are the walls in us?
what are the walls in us?
each of us. 
all of us.

what are they made of?
fear? distance? dislike? disbelief?


what signals are we sending our children?
do not welcome.
they are not welcome. 
they must leave. 
they are hurting us.

ignore that we bomb their hometowns.
that we say ‘come’ with billboards and paychecks.

but how did we get here?
different paths. 
many forced.
many chosen.

but now, we are here.
and they cannot be.

so we kick them out.
and watch. 

as we destroy ourselves from the inside.