on being too busy to sleep and exercise

‚Äčon a coaching call, i was working with someone who said almost these exact words to me:

“i basically get to a point where i have so much to do that i don’t have time to work out or sleep. i just have to keep going to make sure everything gets done.”

when i heard it, i sort of couldn’t believe what i was hearing. but then i had a visceral flashback of a time i said those same words to my mom. and i realized two things: (1) it wasn’t just me that felt that way so there must be some societal/systemic forces making that belief possible and (2) it’s possible to change and not be like that! these were great realizations and i will expand on them in detail some other time, but, for now, i want to write about the steps i took to get past that type of thinking. and to be clear, i think the idea that we have too much to do to be healthy (because sleep and exercise are necessary parts of keeping the body working) is a personal system design problem that is predicated on a broken socioeconomic system.

so how did i move past that type of thinking? i think most simply it boils down to two things:

  1. learning how to say no better
  2. realizing that, when i’ve said an appropriate volume of “no,” i get just as much done when i’ve slept well and exercised as when i don’t.

wow. it’s already been 10 minutes. guess i’ll expand on the above points and the ones below tomorrow.

points to expand on later: