my personal retreat

a few people have asked what this is so i figured it was time to write it out. i’ve found that one of the highest values of writing out my thoughts is being able to direct people to them.

so. my personal retreat.

what is it?

it’s where i take some time at the beginning of the (gregorian) calendar year to focus on me.

where/when did it start?

in january 2015, my roommate, annemarie and i just went to a coffeeshop (RIP darwin’s ltd on mass ave. in cambridge, ma). i don’t totally remember why we did it, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

what do you do?

if you want to see the long, detailed explanation of what i do, it’s over here. below is the agenda/checklist version:

day 1 (1 jan 2017): review 2016

day 2 (2 jan 2017): plan for 2017

day 3 (3 jan 2017): project launches

writing data

writing 15:34
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