challenging the two-parent heteropatriarchal household

i’m reading salvation: black people and love, the second book in bell hooks’ love trilogy. as always, there’s lots of good stuff but chapter seven: cherishing single mothers, has a ton of pushback on the westernized notion of the male-headed, two parent nuclear family.

basically, her point is that that the dominant narrative’s assumption that two parent hetero households are best is unfounded. in fact, there is likely much evidence that asserts the opposite reality. i’m still working my way through the chapter, but here are some points that really resonated with me. i’ve seen all these things happen first- and/or second-hand.

heavy stuff, but i have seen all of that stuff play out in different ways. i think hooks’ point here is a good one. obviously, a two parent loving household is the best situation. but if either one or both parents in that context don’t know how to love, it is not automatic that two parents are better than one.