alternative futures: the village - part 1 (DRAFT)

“oh, i forgot to bring you that book. if i don’t get it now, i’m sure it’ll slip my mind in the rush of leaving tomorrow. i’ll be right back?”

“haha, is that a question or a statement? nevermind, just hurry up. dinner’s gonna get cold.”

ayesha ran from the center house back to her house. in the snow it might have been difficult to tell her house apart from the others, but her stained glass window was unique. as far north as they were, they didn’t have many visitors this time of year and the ring of houses around the center house was only one deep. she only had about 50 feet to run which was nice given the icy winds.

although she ran to get home, she decided to walk back to the center house. this would be the last time in a while that she’d do this walk and she wanted to remember it.

she wanted to remember each tiny house, who it belonged to, and where it was in the circle. if she ever returned to this little place, her birth community, it would be totally different. that was normal, but she still wanted to remember. sometimes memory is people have these days.

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