alternative futures: the culture core - part 1 (DRAFT)

note: this is another draft story for my alternative future work stories.

genie’s jaw dropped.

“are you alright, captain?”

genie tried to regain composure.

“uhhh, of course, lieutenant! i was just a little shocked at how precise the metrics were.”

genie had finally become a captain in the office of cultural exchange. she had been working towards this her whole life and now she was finally here. today was her first day in the transition room and she was learning how to test blood for lineage.

the lieutenant had pulled a tiny drawer out of the sleek silver wall. the drawer was labeled ‘madam president’ and a rather old-school looking vial of blood was resting on pillow inside. the lieutenant took the vial and placed it into a centrifuge that in seconds had spit out the exact regions of the world that the president was from. the level of precision was incredible:

“well, it seems the primary culture for this next presidency will be colobmian. captain, will you grab the colombian sphere from the shelf behind you and put it into the culture core?”

genie turned around and was stunned. how had she not noticed before that there was a wall of orbs, each glowing faintly, that were labeled with every region of the world. once she put the orb labeled ‘colombia’ into the core, the dominant culture in the country would become colombian. not having any colombian blood herself, she worried if she would vomit when inserted it.

“your training will get you through it, captain.”

genie apparently wasn’t hiding her thoughts as well as she had liked. her face had always been a giveaway and it seemed that was still the case.

genie walked over slowly, methodically and grabbed the orb with her bare hands.

and then she placed it into the core.

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