alternative futures: the responders - part 1 (DRAFT)

note: this is another draft story for my alternative future work stories.

job journal

year 1, day 2.

yesterday was my first day on the job. it wasn’t so bad. i had a night shift. things have been pretty slow for the resp teams at night since the ministry of recdru (recreational drugs) reclassified everything as non-recreational. well, everything except for marijuana, obviously.

when i came on shift, i met my team for the week. they were pretty cool. two folx, one empath and one seer; one looked around 20 and the other in their 60s. having just turned 42 and clearly being physically the largest, i was the force on the team. fine by me. it was almost never necessary so no big deal.

we introduced ourselves and then opened the door to our capsule, capsule 7. nearby, the other 9 teams were doing the same. we climbed into the little spherical pod and strapped ourselves into our seats. right on time, at 10 o’clock, the capsule doors closed, signifying that our night shift had begun.

i had just gotten comfortable in my seat and opened my great grandmother’s memoir when i felt our capsule buzz. of course, we were the first to get summoned to a scene tonight. of course.

when our capsule finished teleporting (something i may never quite get used to), my two teammates were already reading the situation. the empath reported that there was a mix of fear and anger in the space. the seer closed their eyes and told us that it seemed like there are only four people on the scene, two very young people, and two people in their 40s. they might be the parents of the young ones.

i stood up, opened the capsule door, and hopped out first.

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