alternative futures: the responders - part 2 (DRAFT)

note: this is another draft story for my alternative future work stories. here’s part 1 of this story.

job journal

year 1, day 2 (continued).

thankfully, i had been brushing up on my healing. as i landed in a crouch outside our capsule door, i felt the sting of two bullets. apparently, i was crossfire. better them than me though.

as i focused on forcing the bullets out of my back, i asked the seer to point me towards the young people. the empath noted she had confirmed that they were also the people emitting the fear on the scene. as i ran over and scooped them up, i got my first glimpse of the scene.

two men standing at opposite ends of a long room were yelling at each other and both had guns. i was now cradling the young ones who had been crying, sitting in the middle the room. i wasn’t totally sure what to do, but i knew i wanted to get these two out of the scene so i did what i know best. i told them i was sorry and then pressed one thumb into each of their foreheads. they vanished as i sent them to the safe house.

i stood up and asked calmly but forcefully what was going on. the man on the left shot me a third time.

why do they always resist like this? i ran over, crushed his gun with my hand, and asked him to tell me what was going on.

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