alternative futures: the carriers - part 2 (DRAFT)

this is part 2 of another alternative futures story draft. part 1 is here.

as julian walked away, matias shouted after him, “hey! do you know alexandre royce?”

julian turned around. “i don’t yet, but i’m sure i will soon.” the elevator doors slid shut and that was the last the two would see of each other for many months. julian had done his job, though, and at this point, that was all he could do.

he walked out onto beaver street and pulled out his watch to find the nearest coffee shop. he usually hated being in manhattan, but being on assignment had made it alright.

as he made his way towards [insert train station near wall street], he ducked into a street corner coffee shop and bought a cup for a small coffee. as he poured his coffee from the container on the counter, something piqued his attention. the two people leaning on the counter at the far end was discussing someone who had just been in town. all julian caught was “… really unlucky for him to get mixed up with alexandre. she is not one to mess with.”

that made two mentions. he’d be meeting her within the week now, for sure. one more mention and he might even find her in a couple of days. the frequency of the mentions was always related to how quickly and how urgent it was to make the connection.

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