why i’m really into baking sourdough right now

baking bread for me goes back to my gainesville catholic worker house (gcw) days (2008-2010). it was a formative part of my spiritual development and shaped my thinking about justice work.

the practice has ebbed and flowed for me over time, mostly depending on what’s going on in my life. at the gcw, baking 12 loaves of bread on friday mornings for breakfast brigade was my weekly anchor. then when i moved to the other side of town, baking and selling bread to my neighbors was important. when i moved up to boston and lived at 40 cottage, for a while, my roommate, heather, and i, would switch off baking loaves for our housemates. since then things have slowed down a lot and i bake sporadically (i went through a moment of sadness when i lost my perfectly developed no-knead loaf recipe).

since the fall of 2016, though, i’ve been really into baking sourdough bread. i got some starter from my master’s thesis advisor and have been baking bread weekly or bi-weekly since.

right now, there are a couple of reasons that it feels good and that list actually keep growing.

so yea. this sourdough kick i’m on right now seems like a really fantastic little encapulsation of how to keep moving towards the world i want to see and live in.

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