newsletter reflection #1: it's working!

this past saturday, i had my first brunch of the season with two of my favorite fellas, william lodge and alex kats-rubin. we have a great repore (sp?) and we have a little friend trio going; one of those rare sets of relationships where everyone has their own 1on1 relationship and there’s a good group dynamic. i love it, actually.

anywho, as we sat down, i was the first to give a life update. as i started in on it, an amazing thing happened! william started asking very specific questions about things that had gone on recently. alex hopped on that bandwagon (though he’s clearly been reading it less closely than william lol), too. we discussed some very specific topics i’d included in past newsletters and it was really great.

at a high level, that means the newsletter is accomplishing at least one of its major goals (which i wrote about last year): keeping my friends up to date with my goingson, even if i don’t get to see them that often. it also allowed us to have a deeper, more specific conversation about things that are going on in my life. because the base layer of info was there already, we could go deeper, faster.


ps - extra special thanks to both william and alex for being awesome. <3

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